Principle Investigator

Linda F. Bisson, PhD (

Lab Manager

Vidhya Ramakrishnan, PhD (


PhD students

Gordon A. Walker (BMCDB,

Fairy (Qingwen) Fan (FST,

Masters Student

Diana Wang (V&E,

Yan Luo (V&E,


Visiting Scholars

Paola Domizio ( University of  Florence  Italy,

Koichi Sakamoto, PhD (

Koichi Sakamoto

Yue Sun (Northwest A&F University,

Other associated lab members

Lucy Joseph,  (UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology Culture Collection,

Mike Ramsey (Teaching Lab Manager for V&E,

Kay Bogart (Flavor 101,

Past Lab Members (2000-present)

Emma Murphy (GGG, MS)

Lauren Schwartzburg (V&E, MS)

Aline Cresswell (V&E, MS)

Priyanka Dhar (V&E, MS)

Paula Mara

Angela Lee

Joel Grant

Yuen (Annie) Hong

Kevin Dietzel

Johnathan Karpel

Warren Place





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